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About Me

My Journey

Whilst juggling the craziness covid lockdowns brought and being at home with the family I needed something for me. I found Reiki and now I am a Reiki Master, have a love for crystals and have trained as a Sound Healer. I am passionate about helping others and see the value making self care techniques available to everyone including children.

sound bath at Rachs Wellness Loft

Education and Experience

After a number of years working within the fostering sector and supporting families to care for vulnerable and complex children, I stepped back from the role to be at home with my two young children and provided training support to foster families.

As a social work trainer my degree in Psychology, MA in Social Work and Certificates in Counselling Skills and Family therapy came together to facilitate core training.

I have trained in Reiki and I am a Reiki Master, I have also trained in Sound Healing, completed Crystal Healing Courses and a course in Biofield Tuning.

crystal singing bowls being played by Rachs Wellness Loft

Founder, Rachs Wellness Loft

Summer 2022

The idea of the loft was created once I had completed my Level Two Reiki. From there my interests grew in holisitic therapy and the loft branched on into sound baths.

My goal is to bring holistic therapy and treatments to more communities and groups to allow more people the opportunity to find what self care practises work for them. This has enabled me to work with schools, businesses, mum and baby groups and charities.

crystals bowls at Rachs wellness Loft
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